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Humina Whatsit!

It's been a while.

Blood Like Cherry Ice (Miki Book 3) is in the editing phase. So far I plan for a late fall release. All is going well so far.

I started Book 4 Surly Girly. About 18k into it today. Again, I go through the weird process of not planning what to write that day, but with some sort of direction. I hope to get the major draft done by June of this year.

I've released a new novel and a short story collection. They are both ebook only. No plans for paperback.

Delicate Cutters         Joy Ride

Oh, an expect a major giveaway on May 1st. I will post here to remind you.


Was gonna start on book 4 of Miki this month but a huge proofing job came my way, so I can't start it until March. Which is fine. I need the money and I can still be done with it by the summer. Book 3 is moving along in the editing phase. So far I'm not sure for a late summer or late fall release.

So for now, I gots some sales for you. Over at Barnes & Noble and Kobo all my titles are on sale for .99 cents. For how long? A while. I'm trying to build an audience there.

Also, incase you didn't know, the 2nd Miki book In a Blackened Sky Where Dreams Collide is out on Kindle and in paperback. B&N has it on sale for $7.00. So ther than that, nothing much to report.


Like the title says, man. Author Elle Casey is in celebration mode for her one year in publishing and has gotten us YA authors to join her. So you just go to her page HERE and browse through the titles and see if there is anything you would like to try to win. And yes, A Black Deeper Than Death is listed there too so if you havent gotten it yet, this may be a good time to get it for free.

I believe this is going on till January 15th.



How Now My Brown Cow

Yesterday I placed a The End on the 3rd book of Miki Radicci (Blood Like Cherry Ice). I feel accomplished and I'm looking forward to the editing and revising phase. I know most writers hate it, but I love sculping and tweaking the words so they have more of an imapct for the bigger picture.

So what do I have planned for 2013? Here are some of my goals:

1) Edit and release Blood Like Cherry Ice for the Fall of 2013

2) Release In a Darkened Sky Where Dreams Collide (Miki 2) for January 2013.

3) Start book 4 of Miki Radicci in Feb or March.

4) Release a book under an alias. I plan to put out my experimental work. Nothing to do with YA, but stuff I worked hard on that I want to see if I can find an audience for. Mostly it is absurdism, surrealism, and experimental writing.

5) Spread more of my work in Paper Back. Only half of my full length novels are in PB and just on Amazon. I'll place the in more stores.

6) Write more experimental shorts with a focus on 'word sculpting.' This is an exercise I discovered back in my New Absurdist Days. It's where you take a story you wrote, take all the spaces out, then place new spaces in, then use spellcheck to make new words, and then sculpt it into a story. It's as hard and tedious as it sounds.

Okay, that sounds like enough.

This post has been brought to you by:

Angel Spits 2 JPEG


So yeah, I'm around 30k into BLOOD LIKE CHERRY ICE and I'm not feeling so good. The book is going well. I have no writer's block and I fly through my daily word count. So what is the prob? The book is so deep into hatred that it's affecting me. Yeah, I'm a pussy. But I've been studying skinheads and their culture and trying to get the details right like I did with Breaking Fellini and the 1977 NYC culture and I keep having to create these characters that have nigger, jew, and fag coming out of their mouths while still conveying the love they have for each other and their country and it makes my brain swell because it's so wrong but I have to do this if I'm going to be honest and I feel bad for Miki who is deep into the world as well and I can't help but feel the similarity with skinheads and government and religeon and capitalism and it's really all the same and I just don't want to be in this world.

*catches breath*

So there. I know I'm weird. It's just a book. Why do I let it get to me. I don't know. Maybe in the end it will be a litmus test for readers. Maybe they will feel as sick as I do and come to an understanding about skinheads as I they might have did with Pentecostals in jesus freakz + buddha punks and maybe even have some forgiveness and compassion.

I sure hope I do.


So I was asked to participate in this blog hop called NEXT BIG THING by Shel Delisle. She wrote this humorous magic realism ya called Winging It, of which I really enjoyed. When an author is asked to do this they are given 10 questions to answer about their current WIP or new release and then tag other authors at the end. I decided to talk about the 3rd Miki book BLOOD LIKE CHERRY ICE.

Here it is:

What is the working title of your book?


Where did the idea come from for the book?

From hate. We live in such hateful times that I wanted to tell a story about two people miotivated by hate and trying to destroy each other.

What genre does your work fall under?

Young Adult, urban noir fantasy.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Right now for Miki I would say Jodelle Ferland. She's 18 now and seems to challenge herself as an actress. She could probably handle it.

What is the one-sentensce synopsis of your book?

Victim of hate uses her rage to take down White Separatist group.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?


How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Still in the first draft. I started in August of this year. I expect to be done in December.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I have yet to find others like this one. If you know one tell me please.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?


What else about your book might pique the reader's interest?

Although it is a dark read there is an underlining thread of hope and light.

Well, that's it. And of course besure to check out Shel Delisle's blog and these other authors:

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